Solidaridad 2020 Agenda

Solidaridad 2020 Agenda is principally about embarking on new and grand socio-economic development initiatives through highly imaginable undertakings for our people and for our country. For instance, building mega infrastructures like food and bio-energy parks that will provide the structure and order for national agro-industrial development and inter-island bridges that will virtually connect the entire Philippine archipelago by land and rail transportation. In these endeavors, Solidaridad 2020 Agenda must be invested with popular approval and support.

Solidaridad 2020 Agenda is a Four-Part National Agenda as Follows:

A) Solidaridad 2020 Main Agenda

This agenda is based on an integrated agro-industrial approach clustering around the food and bio-energy parks to be established in strategic locations in the country that will provide structure and order for national development.

Solidaridad 2020Main Agenda

Solidaridad 2020 River Basin Agenda builds the development framework for sustainable investment that has its foundation in the major river basins of the Philippines. The River Basin Agenda provides the geographical and physical planning dimensions to the Solidaridad 2020 Development Agenda. Therefore, the river basin of the Philippines serves as the physical and geographical foundation of a national socio-economic development agenda.

Solidaridad 2020 River Basin Agenda

C) Solidaridad 2020 Inter-island Agenda

The agenda is centered around the modernization of the maritime infrastructure nationwide, which focuses on contributing significantly to the modernization of all ports in the country, including fish ports, coupled with the upgrading of navigational system to international standards and the re-fleeting of passenger and cargo vessels.

D) Solidaridad 2020 Urban Agenda

The goal of the urban investment agenda is to respond to the challenge for national development by transforming the urban communities in the Philippines to be competitive for sustainable investment and development. In line with this goal, the agenda will a) craft an institutional and funding framework of urban development in the Philippines that is consistent with the Solidaridad 2020 Investment Agenda, b) adopt the ADB strategy of focusing on integrated approaches that specifically target the poor, promote economic development, treat cities as living ecosystems, involve the private sector and civil society, and adopt measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts of urbanization, and c) strengthen the organizational capability in promoting and managing sustainable investment and development.

Solidaridad 2020 Urban Agenda