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In this section of Collective Enterprise, we will feature projects to be read by investors, technology developers, researchers, entrepreneurs, international development organizations, government entities, and other interested parties. The projects that we will pitch comply with our objective of putting into action the business models that we want to promote for global development. There are two projects initially, first is the Coconut House New York, which is a trading and investment center that promotes products from coconut that is going to initially serve the Philippines but will cover other countries. The second investment project  is the Pensionados Center, which is  an international training center and hotel facilities in Ithaca, New York.

Coconut House New York

The Coconut House  New York is a nonprofit foundation with operations in the U.S., the Philippines,  and  other countries. The principal aim of the foundation is to create the market positions for coconut product lines in the U.S., while it provides technology transfer,  access to funding assistance, and organizational and management support to the various stakeholders in the coconut industry.  These stakeholders consist of the farmer’s organizations and cooperatives, entrepreneurs, and other parties involved in the production of coconut and the processing and manufacturing of different product lines out of the coconut. 

The non-profit foundation operates as a financially sustainable enterprise. It is capable of generating its own income for its operations and for its own expansion. The foundation is going to establish subsidiary centers in the Philippines and in other countries.  It operates as a financially independent entity and generates its own revenues by rendering its professional services such as product display and food store operation, wholesaling and on-line marketing, operation of a coconut processing facility inside a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone,  training, technology transfer, and fund generation. The foundation is initiated in New York City, in partnership with entrepreneurs, nongovernmental organizations, and private business organizations in the Philippines that advocate for modernizing the Philippine coconut industry. 

One of the key operating components of the foundation is the establishment of a store for selling and display of coconut product lines such as fresh sweet coconut, virgin coconut, beverage and spirits,  oil and related beauty products, handicrafts, gardening materials such as coconut peat and coir, decorative and construction materials and other popular product lines from coconut. The store is also responsible for the on-line retailing and wholesaling operations in line with the marketing of coconut product lines in the U.S.  

The store also operates its own restaurant that serves coconut products such as the fresh coconut for juice, coconut spirits,  bread, cakes and other bakery products, and coconut-based fish, vegetables,  and meat meals. The restaurant and store can be replicated in different locations in the U.S. as a franchise or a branch.

The Coconut House New York is governed by a Board of Directors that provides the policy direction for the operations of the organization.  The members of the board represent the initiators and the stakeholders. The foundation is going to invite other members who are active in helping the development of the coconut industry in the


Under the overall management and supervision by the Executive Director appointed by the Board of Directors, the foundation operates three functional operating units. These are the Business Center that manages the stores and the coconut facilities inside the US Foreign-Trade Zones; the  Marketing Services responsible for the sourcing of products in the Philippines and dealing with wholesalers in the U.S and the; and the Funding and Technology Services that is responsible for technology transfer and fund generation assistance.

The start-up fund required for the initial operations of Coconut House New York is estimated to be around.


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